Here’s to the girl who lost herself, the one that woke up this morning feeling like a different person, the one who doesn’t understand what’s happening anymore. This is for her.

She’s that girl that walked amongst the fire and the ice. She slew the dragon in its den, slitting its throat while it sleeps. She, the one girl that trudged through the most hollow of caves to find no treasures in its depths. She is the lost one looking for a purpose, the one that doesn’t understand how grand her adventures have been. She’s the princess that refuses a prince. She’s her own Queen.

She’s working toward something more significant than anything any man has ever dreamed. She dreams her dreams in every tone of gold. She’s the one that saves herself every single time. She walks the path of a dreamer. She sees the reflection of the sky in the ocean and imagines all of the elements collapsing into each other. She wishes for lovers that understand her. She’s her own savior.

She has no idea where she’s going. Her map turns endlessly without notice. She’s the girl that always turns left. She’s the one that’s avoided the preplanned parties. She’s the girl that doesn’t understand the small talk; the girl that doesn’t know how to stop putting her foot in her mouth. She’s the ideal entertainment for any man, but a hopeless fountain of embarrassment to the only men that matter. She’s a beautiful disaster.

She’s a cyclone of emotion. She feels every way and any way about any one single thing for as long as she chooses. She loves endlessly, crushes hard, and walks away without reason. She feels things differently. She craves a love story like none that had ever existed. Her emotions lead her; her mind rules her; her thoughts possess her. She’s a storm.

She’s a horrible liar. She doesn’t argue with those who wish to leave. She chooses to shut herself away. She invites very few people into her circle. She’s the girl that doesn’t understand moderation. She’s the one that climbs mountains hungover. She’s the girl that falls in love with the boy that could never love her back. She’s the one that falls in love with nature. She breathes more comfortably when she’s alone. She’s the girl that likes being alone. She’s never lonely alone.

She’s every kind of girl. She’s the girl that makes her path, the one that narrates her own story. She knows how to be okay without him. She’s the girl that can rule her kingdom without the help of a man. She’s the girl that doesn’t need help she hasn’t requested. She’s the girl that dug herself out. She’s the only one that can manage her weather. She’s the one that can make her dreams come true. She’s the girl that she was always supposed to be. She’s the girl that did it alone. She’s the one that figured it out. She’s a Queen. She made it.

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