Dearest Friend

I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while now, but every time I try to start the conversation, I stop. I can remember a time when we laughed together, stayed up until ungodly hours plotting world domination. That all changed pretty quickly, laughter turned into silence, and that silence became permanent. You just up and vanished out of my life. That’s understandable, and some friendships don’t last forever, but there are just some things that I need to say.

First of all, you were a great friend. You helped me in a time when no one else seemed to care. I was drowning in a constant stream of self-pity, and I thank you for helping me out of that. I need to thank you for that. If nothing else being friends with you taught me that it’s okay to walk away. Thank you.

Here’s where the tone changes a little bit. When we changed as people, we grew apart. We wanted different things, and with that, a lot of the promises we made went right out the window. We didn’t say goodbye; we didn’t say anything; in fact, I was left hanging. I felt manipulated, I felt lied to, and honestly, it felt like I was taken advantage of and it sucked. You were the kind of good friend that people get warned about, the one that you keep super close because they know too much. You were the person I confided in for months. I trusted you; that was my mistake.

I may not trust you anymore, but I do wish for you to be happy. I want you to make your dreams come true. I’m working hard over here at mine. I need you to know that I loved most of the minutes spent together at the beginning of our friendship, and I could never ask for a better person to teach me the lessons that you did at the end of it.

Thank you.

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